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Sonoff iFan02- power on state missing

iFan 02 missing the power on state in the settings!

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I need this too, also a default fan speed setting for power on state

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Me too i cant find this option but in thr manual i see it should be there

The sonoff B1_R2  haven't this status in the config

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This is very much required. 

Assume that you have turned the Fan ON and fall asleep and then the power goes off and returns back immediately but the Fan will not have the power to restart. You have to turn it ON manually and this is irritating. In fact, I have installed one iFan-02 and then uninstalled it due to this reason :(

I have recently bought 2 Ifan02 devices the schedule and app all work fine but here where I live power outages are frequent, so I hoped there would be power keep option like all other sonoff products but I am disappointed to find that the is no such option in the settings, so when a power outage occurs and power comes back the fan light turns on automatically (although it was closed before power outage), the fan is off (although it was on before power outage), also when the speed of the fan is set to 1 (although before power outage it was 2 or 3), please help solve this issue...

It seems that also the default initial status for the light is not available on the app. So basically each time there is a black out or I cycle power the uni by using a breaker I end with the light switching on, even if I set it off, and the fan staying off, would be grat if on both there is a way to "keep" or restoring the previous state as possible on Sonoff smart power plugs.

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