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Ewelink and IFTTT not working

Hello, I have some IFTTT Applets using Ewelink smart home service, but lately all those applets fail and say "There was a problem with the eWeLink Smart Home service.

I already deleted the applets and created them again, but nothing works...

Can you help me? 

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I've had this problem for two months now. The eWelink devices fail to trigger the IFTTT applet. I have a lot of customers having the same problem too. Unfortunately, eWelink say I should just delete everything in IFTTT and recreate it (this is not helpful as there are thousands of applets between my customers and I), they also will not consult with IFTTT directly as this is clearly a service issue between the two companies. I have emailed IFTTT support numerous times asking for their assistance to look into this... get this for a response from IFTTT support: "Please stop emailing us, you are now spamming us". Yup, that's the height of IFTTT support! So unless everyone using this service tries contacting them and eWelink to push them to contact IFTTT, nothing will be done. My two pieces of advice for you. Email them (I'll post the email addresses I've used below). Or try using the stringify or switchur service instead For new customers I'm using switchur, the existing customers I'm having to migrate one at a time. If you use IFTTT, then be aware that if you have any issues, they're not going to help! Here's the email addresses I've used:,,,,,,,,,

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First time I connect Sonoff switch to IFTT was 2.5 firmware, works good and need to enter my ewe link credentials (log in service during IFTT integration)

Yesterday I update to 3.0.1 from 3.0 and I checked that ewe link IFTT service doesn't work or miss support with the new firmware.

The question is that ewe link applet doesn't connect with ewelink service (don't ask any credential for that at last)

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Seems to be a problem again.

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Is working with all but for  real with nothing is working ... first 5 day after o recieve a sonoff i try to connect it with google home with my android 6+ .... no success .... another 5 day after i bought a Home Mini .... but still trying to connect .... no i try with IFTTT voila .... NO SUCCES ... and the answer from you .... DO A FEEDBACK TO GOOGLE ... i tell you something itead ... do it for usu YOU

Thank you so much for your answer! But how can I use my ewelink devices with switchhur? I want, for example , when I turn on my bedroom ewelink devices , do something else
ALFONSO VIN, so are you saying your dropdown menu had options when your firmware was older???? Is there a way to rollback our firmware??? Mine is 3.0.1 too

This application works great !!! As long as you are using a single sonoff wifi switch. 

The 4 relay sonoff dose not work !!! Gives the error everyone on here is talking about, but work great with single sonoff single relays.

I got the app to working with apple watch. 

The IFTTT and Ewelinf relay work, you just need to make sure you are using a single (1) relay sonoff device. 

The Application will not work for the 4 relay devices, actually it dose work on 4 the 4 relay sonoff device but features are  very limited. 

boa tarde!


Tentei integrar o IFTTT com o EWELINK, mas quando se trata de criar a função, não é possível encontrar o equipamento Itead, como você pode ver na imagem anexada.


Eu preciso resolver isso em breve, porque eu tenho toda a casa com esses equipamentos.




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Had the same problem, IFTTT and EWeLink device did work then stopped and “No option found” in drop down menu. Contacted IFTTT they passed me on to EWeLink at . A very nice gentleman called Steve got straight on to the problem and in about 5 hours I’m now back up and running. Brilliant service from EWeLink team!
As you see ... Crete DATE and NEVER RUN ...

Yes,  for me its also not working, have one light switch and two wall sockets which are not responding at all through ifttt :{

For me is not working from this morning, is completly down, does anyone know this is an issue from IFTTT or from Ewelink ? 

Hi, I have the same problem. I made a new IFTTT account and I've still the same problem. I can connect, but then it shows "no Options" in the dropdown, where I can choose the channel.

That's really said... this is a good product, but EweLink is not so powerful without IFTTT

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