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Ewelink and IFTTT not working

Hello, I have some IFTTT Applets using Ewelink smart home service, but lately all those applets fail and say "There was a problem with the eWeLink Smart Home service.

I already deleted the applets and created them again, but nothing works...

Can you help me? 

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As you see ... Crete DATE and NEVER RUN ...

Yes,  for me its also not working, have one light switch and two wall sockets which are not responding at all through ifttt :{

First time I connect Sonoff switch to IFTT was 2.5 firmware, works good and need to enter my ewe link credentials (log in service during IFTT integration)

Yesterday I update to 3.0.1 from 3.0 and I checked that ewe link IFTT service doesn't work or miss support with the new firmware.

The question is that ewe link applet doesn't connect with ewelink service (don't ask any credential for that at last)

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