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Turn on timer in scene

I am using the 433 bridge (door alarm) to turn on a light.

I want to turn the light off after 5 mínuters how do I do that ?

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Set a loop timer for that particular light.

Go to loop timer menu.

Tick "After"

Set time 5 mins

Action: off

It's a wall switch loop timer does not seem to be an option.

Same issue - the loop timer is not available for the T1 wallswitch. 

Strangely the loop timer option is available on the PIR (which I am using to trigger the lightswitch on) but trying to add one gives the error "No RF remotes available".

you can use inching for this purpose. go to setting of the light switch, turn on inching function and set duration to 300 for 5 minutes.

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I hope next to update version timer set is more than 16 program

Thanks Alan, I just tried the inching feature and it works - kind of.  

The issue is that there is only one setting (inching on/off) for the 3-gang switch.     What happens with it switched on is interesting, as it does seem to use three independent timers and correctly turns each light off after the time for that individual light has expired. 

I think what it needs is to have three inching time values (one per gang) and perhaps use a value of zero to disable inching for any gang that doesn't want to apply it. 

That would work for my requirement, where one of my lights needs a short duration auto-off (it's triggered by a PIR), another one could use it (with a slightly longer delay, but it's not really required) and the third light doesn't want a timeout at all.

BTW  Inching feature says "multiples of 0.5 seconds", so a value of 300 is actually 150s I believe (my ligh is going after about 180s, so it's not an entirely accurate timekeeper.

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