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Troubleshooting ifan02 and remotes

Hello I have multiple ifan02 devices running perfectly through the ewelink app and they are great! One problem. All of the remotes I have none of them.connect or pair to the controllers. They all flash red led on top when a button is pressed but they never pair or control the unit. No beeps happen. Any ideas? Purchased direct from the itead website with latest firmware

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After having 4 remotes fail, I quit using the iFan02 and have migrated from eWelink devices to Tuya ones. My Tuya fan devices are 2 years old and the remotes are working just fine.

Well, I bought an iFan03, flashed it with Tasmota and have it working like a champ.  The remote is substantially more robust than the iFan02's remote (which is dead).  I plan on using the iFan02 regardless, in an application where remote operation via the hand-held isn't necessary.

It is equally disappointing and frustrating that the support is so lacking.

1. Disconnect the unit from the mains (Power OFF) 2. Connect the unit to the mains (Power ON) and immediately press the button above the battery on the disassembled panel. 3. She blinks about 10 times. 4. As the blinking stops, immediately remove the battery and turn off the unit from the power. 5. We put the battery and turn on the unit. 6. Everything works.
Important note: when you press any button - the LED should be on constantly. If it blinks, replace the battery.
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