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Troubleshooting ifan02 and remotes

Hello I have multiple ifan02 devices running perfectly through the ewelink app and they are great! One problem. All of the remotes I have none of them.connect or pair to the controllers. They all flash red led on top when a button is pressed but they never pair or control the unit. No beeps happen. Any ideas? Purchased direct from the itead website with latest firmware

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Well, I bought an iFan03, flashed it with Tasmota and have it working like a champ.  The remote is substantially more robust than the iFan02's remote (which is dead).  I plan on using the iFan02 regardless, in an application where remote operation via the hand-held isn't necessary.

It is equally disappointing and frustrating that the support is so lacking.

I have exactly the same problem. Once the silver button on the top of the battery is pressed, the LED flashes up to 11 times. It does not matter if I keep it pressed constantly or I pulse it once, it does exactly the same. Then I turn the fan unit off and on, try the remote control and it does not work.
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