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Troubleshooting ifan02 and remotes

Hello I have multiple ifan02 devices running perfectly through the ewelink app and they are great! One problem. All of the remotes I have none of them.connect or pair to the controllers. They all flash red led on top when a button is pressed but they never pair or control the unit. No beeps happen. Any ideas? Purchased direct from the itead website with latest firmware

You might need to re-pair each remote to a controller. It's not hard to do, just akward. Take the battery out and open each remote. You will have to hold the remote, with one hand hold the battery in place, press the silver button above it until it is a steady flash, then power cycle the fan you want to pair to the remote. Test the remote. If it works, put it back together and then do the same on the remaining fans.


How do I power cycle the ifan02? Could you explain 'power cycle'?

Power cycle means to cut power to the fan control box. Either by switch or breaker.
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