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Expected service level for responding to support problem on airspy?

What is the expected response time for an initial response to a ticket? Been almost 7 days since it was opened and it is still in the "Being Processed" stage.



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Hello Mark,

Did you get a response in the end? I am in the same situation. Ticket opened 8 days ago and so far no response at all.



Not directly. I remember finding an email address at the USA affiliate and got it sorted out there. 


That is disappointing. I don't believe there is a Belgian affiliate and I received the wrong product (RF remote with 27A battery instead of the advertised CR3032 battery). I ordered explicitly from their official site to avoid that.

Thanks for answering! I hope they respond at some point ....



I have the same problem. I seems that ITED Customer Care Center simply don't answering on any claim.

I have two inactive T433 86 Wall Panel Sticky 433MHz Wireless RF Remote 1 Gang (out of the four I bought a couple of months ago) and there is still no response to my requests.


Is there any email contact available or any experiance how the ITEAD are solving such an issues. I intend to buy several new ITEAD products, but now I'm in seriuous doubt.

Best regards,


Hello Igor,

I actually managed to get a hold of someone that was helpful and reimbursed me for the order. Nevertheless, it took quite some time and I had to send photos and open multiple tickets as they don't seem to answer to a ticket twice or to very old tickets. I think you need to get lucky to which person your ticket is referred to.

My follow-up question, if the original product with CR3032 batteries is still available, is still open though and I doubt I will get an answer to that.

I hope you get lucky,


P.S. Have you looked into for your product. They seem to be more responsive and their App is also better, but they don't have all the product ITEAD has.

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Hi Matthias,

Thanks for your thoughts. I finally receive some response. I need to send them a video (don't know what they expect to see from the video - the RF Wall Panel just don't connect any more). In the meantime the third one is going out. Obviously they have some serious problem with this product.

Best regards,


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