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Enable inching duration in eWeLink 3.5.4


after upgrading eWeLink app to version 3.5.4 a functionality "Enable inching duration" appeared.

Where can we find clear documentation ? What is the behaviour on Sonoff 4CH Pro R2 with onboard inching functionality ?


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i have the same question. please answer.

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I partially answered by myself with many trials.

I updated my eWeLink guide (in Italian unfortunately):

eWeLink App Sonoff manuale italiano e istruzioni complete

Hi Emiliano where did you find the 3.5.4 version? In the play store there is only the 3.5.1 Grazie mille ;)
Non so che mio dava ancora la 3.5.1 comunque ho risolto con aptpoide. Grazie! Era un pezzo che aspettavo questa funzione

yep!. this extenstion very good! thanks for share. u test it, and it work

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