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Sonoff 4CH pro broken

I have purchased 4CH pro  about a year ago,(I ordered it 27.Oct.2017), but I took it into  use a couple of months ago. 

I put it in place on one Friday and tested it, while it was working well, 2 gangs connected, ceiling lighting and a outlet where extensible cord lighting was connected to. I switched them on and off several times from the buttons on the device (since wifi network wasn't available yet on that place) and everything was just fine.

I left the lights on during the weekend.

When I switched off the lights on Sunday evening, the first one (R2 button) was switched off. Then I press R1 button, and I feel a warm burst of air and sound of electronics breaking. After that I couldn't switch on or off the lights.

The Live wire  (230V AC) was connected to  power input Live and the  middle connector on each relay (COM). Neutral was connected to power input Neutral. NO connector on Gang1 was connected towards ceiling lights, NO connector on Gang2  was connected to power outlet (with cord extension with a light).  Lights were  connected to neutral on the other side.  Nothing on NC. Wiring is according to

Device was  set in self-locking mode.

I have an open ticket regarding this, which was opened 35 days ago, and so far there hasn't been any answer from Itead.

Attached is a picture showing the component which was burnt, It's the one which is behind the connectors, between power input and first relay, I suppose it is the fuse. You can see that it is broken in the middle. The crack is throughout the component, it is in fact in 2 pieces.

I have asked for help from Itead support regarding this, I have asked for RMA, I have asked for response, but I have received none. I would like to receive an explanation on HOW this could have happened. And if there is a reasonable explanation, then I would also like to know if I could repair it and expect the device to not explode again.

I expect that there is only one component broken, so it would be easy to change and avoid the waiting for response from Itead support.

1) Any explanation HOW that could have happened? Or putting it in another way: How could it be avoided the next time?

2) information about that component, please?

3) any other components that might be required to be replaced? No other component seems to be broken.

4) If it's a fuse, I would like to replace that with a easily replaceable glassfuse. Any objections to that?

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No, the connectors seem right. The channels are able to work via app, but not activated phisically. It is the buttons that are not working. Maybe a problem in their microswitches.


I circled the problem. The resistor/fuse is broken into 2 parts. The horizontal line in the middle of the ceramic part is the dividor between the parts. If I tilt the upper part backwards, it will lift and it shows that the resistor / fuse is physically broken into 2 pieces.


3 items circled.

1) crack that divides the 2 parts

2) this shows where the fumes bursted out, there's a hole

3) the burnt surface of the PCB, you can see that it's black, compared to the surface that can be seen on far left.


Here you can see that the burst of explosion of the fuse / resistor affected also the other side of the PCB, the bottom layer of the case, i.e. underneath the PCB.


Here you can see that R2 is really in 2 parts physically.

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My ticket is now solved. I got a refund, thank you very much.

I will order something new from ITEAD soon, but I think I will prefer the regular model over this PRO model in the future. Based on the short experience with this device showed that I probably don't need the ability to control my devices using 433 MHz remote. On the good side, there are 4 separate 10A feeds, which would be better  option than having 10A max on any 4 interface, not exceeding 16A total.

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