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Ewelink Daylight Savings

 Currently when Daylight Savings Time starts or ends, Ewelink doesn't update scheduled devices to the new time. The user needs to open the schedule times and press save to manually update the switch.

Can you please update the software so that, if there's a change in local time, then all of the schedules in the devices is updated?

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Hi Asim, it doesn't auto adjust but the bulk timer edit does actually work. Not ideal, but so much better than adjusting everything individually


The problem is that the application stores the date time in UTC format without  keeping  the time zone of device's area. This assumption will match the current situation:
- Set scene to be triggered at 11AM EEST (based on my location) which when DST is activate means  UTC+3, so 8AM
- when DST is not active EEST will be UTC+2
- because the scene is triggered at UTC time which is 8AM, after DST is not active locally the scene is triggered at 10 AM
- solution will be to trigger the scenes or other events based on UTC but keep also device time zone to be able to perform adjustments based on device location 

This situation applies to all settings and options related to time in the applications.

I opened a ticket 2 weeks ago and support team told me to use the bulk timer edit as Kevin points out and the fact that they are not going to implement any change as European Union will cancel somewhere in the near future this clock changes.

Where is the Bulk Timer option in iOS application ? Something tells me it's not going to be easy. 

Also, all my timers have been moved one hour behind. 

All my schedules have moved by 2 hours behind. Whatever scripting they did messed it up even further. I use the schedule in a commercial environment. So with the time moving 1 hour back, I have fallen an extra hour behind on all my schedules. 

For example I had fans set to turn on at 8am.  With the time moving 1 hour behind and schedule adjusting another hour, my fan turn  on at 6am now.  

Hi Asim

Go to "Profile" then hit the cog top right. You will see the "Bulk Timer Edit" in there. And remember to swipe the + or - in the right direction. Its not obvious that you swipe those icons!

To be honest, I would avoid using this software in any sort of commercial operation. It is "artisan" to say the least. Its not commercial quality at all. Not being able to support daylight saving time shows this is software written by someone part time in their bedroom!

Good luck



We are operating low tech software to do low tech things at a low tech price.  The bulk switch feature works fine as does the dawn / dusk switch (nice feature).

It is irritating I know that the software cannot use the country of origin time, but for twice a year the bulk feature is ok.

The daylight savings time strikes again.  I used the bulk timer feature but for some reason it didn't fix all the times. Now half of my schedules are off by an hour. I have to go manually fix them. 

here we go again. next week EU is suffering this lack of programming skills

@taylor in sonoff 
2 years and still no good solution

For some reason the thread says the feature has been implemented, however I can confirm that it has NOT been implemented. 

I am going to open another ticket. And will keep opening tickets till they get this issue resolved. 

Daylight saving, the joys! I just started using the smartthings app with my sonoff products. It was good to see that daylight saving works without a hitch. I wonder how or why ewelink can't just copy others and get it working?!?!

daylight savings is here to stay. 
54 devises some have multiple timers. to set one timer = 30 sec lost
so my job for to day is set all the timers 1 hour back in time.
same as last year and the year b4 
still not solved

Guys, please keep opening tickets on this issue. The more tickets they get, the more attention they'll pay to this issue. I always have a ticket open on this issue. If they close my ticket, I just open another one. 

I strongly suggest you all do the same. 

I have only one sonoff device with important schedules.

It is faster if I change that twice a year than open many times a ticket ;)

I take it as cheap china device with flaws, so I can not much complain ;) ;)

they keep refering to a change all timers with 23 h option
jus how mutch programming was this??
dst even in voip phones work in a simple command setting. 
sad to see they dont whant to fix it!

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