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Ewelink Daylight Savings

 Currently when Daylight Savings Time starts or ends, Ewelink doesn't update scheduled devices to the new time. The user needs to open the schedule times and press save to manually update the switch.

Can you please update the software so that, if there's a change in local time, then all of the schedules in the devices is updated?

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Guys.. like a said before. Please keep opening support tickets on this issue. They will address it if enough people complain about it. This is very important. 

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Guys :-), SonOff have compalins all around the world from not only customers, but also the sellers that must handle the talking with customers about many unlogic problems with their devices.  And they didn´t fix one to these day.  They haven´t fixed even such a simple thing like time from the day they started :-). Do you really think they will start to do something now? NO!

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i have all types of units and i think we should have on the app to alter time with one click plus or minus for everybodys time zone as i have to change my units 2 a year i am a good customer and i require respect in time setting in uk and other time zones it cant be hard for app to make this happen for customers brian

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Joy Li
said 9 months ago


I have reflected this problem to our technical department. They will reconsider this request. Please don't worry.  

can we start worrying now?

Good news folks. I just got an email from the development team. They're going to work on this issue and hopefully get it done by fall when the time change goes in effect.

That's interesting. The email they sent me on Monday said they weren't going to bother doing this fix!!

Never known anything like it. What app/service/equipment doesn’t support Daylight Saving Time? It’s mad that they can’t fix this. And they won’t if they haven’t so far. They are obviously not investing in the software side anymore. It’s a shame as its reasonably good kit and well-priced.

Did anyone try adding them to a SmartLife app instead of eWeLink?

One tip that has helped for lighting is to turn lights on at night using IFTTT and WeatherUnderground’s dusk/dawn triggers. Cuts the need for schedule timers in half as only need to turn off at night. Been bombproof for well over a year. Scheduled off could probably be done with IFTTT as well but that’s a sledge hammer to crack a nut. Also really good having the lights come on when it goes dark rather than at a set time. Same for turning on AC or heating – IFTTT has an infinite number of options and services (e.g. hive/nest) which might help remove the problem from the lack of support from itead.

In addition to this I’ve trialled a WirelessTag light sensor with IFTTT in place of WeatherUnderground. That works brilliantly as the lights now come on just ahead of dusk or if its very cloudy before dusk. But some extra setup cost for the kit. Would be nice if the sonoff kit had temp and light sensors in

Hope this helps whilst we wait 10 years for a simple software fix….

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a few lines of code on app will make time plus or minus 1hr by press of plus or minus how hard can it be to do this brian

just got a email saying it got implemented. wait and see
btw ifttt became ransomwares

Daylight saving is here again. As always, it has moved my timers back 1 hour, no worries I thought. Will go bulk adjust them. Even that doesn't work. If you move them 1 hour, it moves them back, not forward. So you need to move them 23 hours. Slight issue as it results in moving them back 1 day!! So if a timer is set for 10am on a Monday, it will be moved to 11am on a Sunday now!! So beware when using the bulk timers edit function

same here  while most of the timers i use are from ifttt. those whent good
the time on the devices did not change like it was promised some time ago

Is this issue going to be solved?

Always the same: cheap hardware and cheap software means also cheap quality.

The support is by the way only some totally unqualified PR thing, they could use a machine for it and it wouldn't be any difference.

They never will fix this bug.

Nevertheless I will push a ticket.

Turns out you can move the timers forward or back using the bulk timer edit function. It defaults to minus, you just need to swipe up on the + and - button to change things
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