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Ewelink Daylight Savings

 Currently when Daylight Savings Time starts or ends, Ewelink doesn't update scheduled devices to the new time. The user needs to open the schedule times and press save to manually update the switch.

Can you please update the software so that, if there's a change in local time, then all of the schedules in the devices is updated?

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It just shifted everything to start and stop an hour early. So now i have to go and update ALL of my 14 devices with multiple schedules. And I use them in a commercial environment. I have NON-SONOFF switches and they work just fine. Why can't Sonoff fix this issue ?

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I had the same problem with daylight savings changes. Manually have to reset all times again. Crazy. Give us Local MQTT and NodeRed or Openhab2 Integration. So we can devise our own complex rules that work.

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IFTTT is always an option.  It works reliably for me.

I noticed this same disability of the unit when switching between daylight saving time and not - but also in the event that you need to upgrade or change your WiFi router details - The units won’t just ‘hop’ to the new IP - there should be a master linking utility in the app that lets you assign a new master WiFi point; but also the ability to back up your saved schedules to a file so that you can save or restore them into a device.

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Sonoff have said they are not going to make any correction to this issue!

I've looked at IFTTT but it isn't supported for POWs. Not very good really. :-(

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Oh dear...

Oh well. maybe the more ppl complain about it the better change there is of a change??

Will keep asking them 


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Here is the latest from the support team. I was told that the development team has learned that daylight savings time will be cancelled next year for USA. So they have decided not to implement it. I responded back with a Wikipedia article to assure them that it has NOT been cancelled. 

I'm really wondering where these people are getting all their information from. 

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I remember they said that the EU was going to scrap "daylight savings" so weren't going to make changes.

No idea if or when that might happen though.

Europe is not scrapping DLS, only allowing all member states to decide whether they want to use or not. Most countries have indicated they will keep DLS.

If you drive the switches off your telephone the switches work off the time on the telephone, so I do not understand the issue.

How do you drive switches off your telephone ?  My understanding is that when you program a schedule in the eWelink app on your phone, it still uses the eWelink server time. 

My scheduled tasks go off by an hour every spring and fall with the time change. ITEAD is the only company I Know of with this issue. I use Sensi, Kasa, iHome, Google Home, Rinnai, SmartLife, Dlink, Tigersecu, Danale and a couple more. All these companies work with DST time change.

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@Stephen Howe - it's quite bizarre really. The list of Scheduled tasks actually have the time they were set for changed by an hour. Your local time is right, on your phone, but the scheduled times are wrong and must be manually changed.

For example; if you had a switch set to turn on at 8:00 a.m. then, after the change to BST or GMT (in the UK) then the set time would get changed to 7:00 or 9:00. As I said: bizarre!

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Cheers guys, thanks for the feed back, as I said I drive the times from my telephone, but I have never changed the settings  manually on my switches, so I cannot comment past that - I will check this in October this year, but in the last 18 months since I automated my home I have not noticed a shift at daylight saving time.

But on reflection I only have two switches out of the 20 or so in the house on timers, but again I have never noticed them out of sync .

I have reflected this problem to our technical department. They will reconsider this request. Please don't worry.  

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