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Ewelink Daylight Savings

 Currently when Daylight Savings Time starts or ends, Ewelink doesn't update scheduled devices to the new time. The user needs to open the schedule times and press save to manually update the switch.

Can you please update the software so that, if there's a change in local time, then all of the schedules in the devices is updated?

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It just shifted everything to start and stop an hour early. So now i have to go and update ALL of my 14 devices with multiple schedules. And I use them in a commercial environment. I have NON-SONOFF switches and they work just fine. Why can't Sonoff fix this issue ?

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I had the same problem with daylight savings changes. Manually have to reset all times again. Crazy. Give us Local MQTT and NodeRed or Openhab2 Integration. So we can devise our own complex rules that work.

IFTTT is always an option.  It works reliably for me.

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