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what are sonoff switch possibilities?

hello can anyone tells me what are the possibility to use with sonoff switch?

i mean if it's just to turn light on/off i find it very limited?

i thought we could go further with such item

can anyone explain example of using?

Hi Kahil,

The main reason for using a switch like this is for some home automation projects.  By using some rules (via the native ewelink software or some custom firmware) it is possible to combine these switches with other itead devices like motion sensors, door/window sensors for some simple automation, like when motion detected turn on a lamp.  Using the native or custom software you can implement timers to automatically control the switches.

In my opinion the real power comes from from integrating these switches into some home-automation platform.

Thanks for your reply Do you think it’s possible to use those switch with equipment that has switch button on/off like coffee machine ? Washing machine ? Air conditioner ? Also light with sensor already exist I mean you don’t need to use a switch to turn on a light from a sensor I thought that’s the use would Be more advanced than turning light on and off Thanks
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