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Wall unit with built in temp sensor?

The Sonoff products are great but I'm surprised there isn't a wall unit with a built in temperature sensor.  The TH look good but first the sensor is external and second you have to cut the power cable.  Is there a device in the works that will plug into the wall and have a temperature sensor?  I think this is when I will plunge into home automation a lot more as at least I have a big need for this.

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¿Cuando sacan SONOFF S22 con conector de europa? ¿Espero a que salga, o me busco otra cosa?
SONOFF S22 tiene sensor de temperatura. Sólo hay conexión USA. Por favor sacar (SONOFF S22) con conexión para Europa. ¿También puede sacar SONOFF S20 (y SONOF S26) con sensor de temperatura?. para europa. Con sensor JACK 3.5mm. Cable Sensor 1m. Gracias Necesito 10

Sonoff Touch It would be ideal :) 

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