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C-tick certification for Australia and New Zealand

Good day. 

I have tried searching your website. Are you going to get C-tick certification for SONOFF? This would allow your product to be legally installed in Australia and New Zealand.

More information is here:


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I am in same spot as Jaidan. I would love to use these in NZ, however without something like the c-tick, SDoC etc it's not legal :(

Just curious as I am in the same boat...   I'm looking into getting the certification done.
If I started up a kickstarter campaign or gofundme page to try and get enough money to do this, do you think there's be many Australian/NZ users who might be willing to contribute?

I'm hoping I can keep the cert costs to under $1000 so I think it might be feasable...


@Dan, I have attempted posting a link to Australian certified ones but they have not yet been approved. They're available on Ebay now. Search for SONOFF Australia Certified. I'm not sure if this is recognised in NZ as I haven't lived in NZ for a number of years now, so I'm a bit out of touch.

If it's under $1000 I reckon its' achievable. Get on the home automation forums for support. (OpenHAB, Home Assistant etc.)

@Jaidan B, when you say "Australian certified ones", do you mean the ones that just say they are or do they actually have a C-Tick?

I've asked itead if they can grant me access to the test reports and documentation used for the CE cert...   If I have that it will be an easy process I hope to get them certified...   There is a limit to 20 devices per application (after that it gets more expensive).

@ Dan,

They have real certification. A crowd called Oikotec gained the certification in Australia and import them. They have certificate number ESV180440 under the ERAC. I read somewhere C-tick is no longer used and has been superseded by RCM - which the SONOFF's mentioned above are certified to.

That's pretty awesome news Jaidan...   I'll have a look at the documentation...

Their prices are not unreasonable, that looks great!    Correct me if I am wrong but this gives the legal OK to use these in Australia (so long as they are fitted lawfully).

@Dan, my assumption would be yes, but like I said earlier...I've been away from NZ for awhile now so I'm not sure.

Hi We got  Sonoff Dual, Sonoff POW R2 , Sonoff Th 16, Sonoff TH10  certified

Certification No:  ESV180440   - Suitable for resistive loads only   


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