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smart scene with temperature differential

I would like to use 2 Sonoff TH10 or TH16 to measure the inside and the outside temperature and trigger 2 fans whenever t out < t ins. I don't want to set a fixed target temperature.

Is that possible ?

Or could I use a sensor that measures directly the differential between two temperatures (like the ELV HM-WDS-30-OT2-SM 2), connect it to eweLink and Nest, and compare the resulting temp. diff. to a target temp. of 0° ??

Thanks for your help!

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Hi, I confirm the importance to have the possibility of comparing 2 different temperatures (example: if the temperature A is 10 degrees higher than the temperature B activates output X and vice versa if the temperature difference drops below 5 degrees deactivates output X or other functions ... but you know very well.. :-) or humidity or even air quality values in Home Automation applications such as free heating, free cooling, solar heating systems etc.

Plus, I want to ask to have some functions (scenes) active only in predetermined time slots.
Can I please have a feedback?

p.s. many thanks for the second request.

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