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TH16 + (not from itead) DS18B20


So I've put the DS18B20 sesnor next to floor heating and put everything bellow the floor. 

Due to fact that DS18B20 cable was 1m, I've bought some sensor from ebay with 2.5m cable, from different distributor.

Problem is that if I'm connecting sensor to Sonoff TH16 now, I'm getting strange reading, sometimes it's ok and it's showing good temperature, but after a while it whows 85 celcius. 

What could be the reason, I wanted to use Sonof TH16 as a floor heating device, but now I've ended up with 10 devices, which I cannot use.

Do I have to use additional rezistor on external DS18B20 sensor? Any other tips how to fix it?

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