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Firmware updating stops at 90%

I have problems updating, it always stops at 90% I already tried in all the recommended ways. Is there any problem on the servers?

6 people have this problem


Place the lamp next to the router, set the router to 2.4 GHz and run the update again. transfer and works ;-)

--> put the lamp next to the router, the Wi-Fi connection is not so good at the lamp!

(I also had the problem with 90% when updating, The lamp was too far away from the router)

or other Problem:

Sometimes you have to wait a day or two because the server on the internet is not working properly.

Greetings from Germany

Thank you for your advice, but this solution has already been tried, with no success. Thanks again.
Não consigo atualizar o firmware 1.8.1 para o 3.0. Quando chega a 90% para o download. Me ajudem por favor.
I managed to resolve it by switching off the Bluetooth on my phone. It seems to interfere with something.
No BT turned on here, Så that can't be the problem here...
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