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Firmware updating stops at 90%

I have problems updating, it always stops at 90% I already tried in all the recommended ways. Is there any problem on the servers?

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Place the lamp next to the router, set the router to 2.4 GHz and run the update again. transfer and works ;-)

--> put the lamp next to the router, the Wi-Fi connection is not so good at the lamp!

(I also had the problem with 90% when updating, The lamp was too far away from the router)

or other Problem:

Sometimes you have to wait a day or two because the server on the internet is not working properly.

Greetings from Germany

Thank you for your advice, but this solution has already been tried, with no success. Thanks again.
Não consigo atualizar o firmware 1.8.1 para o 3.0. Quando chega a 90% para o download. Me ajudem por favor.
I managed to resolve it by switching off the Bluetooth on my phone. It seems to interfere with something.
No BT turned on here, Så that can't be the problem here...

to be honest i have since ripped all of mine out as they are so utterly rubbish and problematic , constant random disconnects and worryingly i had one completely melt on me , i have replaced all of mine with simple smart plugs and sockets which work far better

Hi, after last apk update, I have cleared cache app and upgrade successfully to latest firmware. It was stuck to 90%. Hope that's help. Cheers

Well, this was a journey.  I think the upgrade was a lot harder than it had to be.  I have read numerous comments from people to see how they overcame this problem.  Nothing seemed to work.  So I combined all into my own process and upgraded 3 T1 switches successfully from 2.0.1 to 3.1.0.  There was a lot of “try again” in getting this over the line.  Some of the things I’ve done may have no bearing on the actual process, but without a debug log I have no way of knowing what is affective and what is now.


1. Clear the app cache.

2. Follow the official process


The things is, this only worked the first time on one switch, but the whole process needed to be repeated several times for the other switches to get them over the line.  This may have been a result of the Sonoff server being too busy, or other factors – I have no idea.  The process on the link is as follows:


As the firmware upgrade relies on the network connection between the device and your selected network, please try a few more times when it fails the first time. If the problem persists, please follow through the guide below,

1. Delete the device from your account.

2. 1. Take another phone, enable its hotspot.

3. 2. Connect the hotspot WiFi with your phone. Re-add the model, note that you have to enter the hotspot WiFi info correctly during adding process.

4. 3. After adding it successfully, upgrade the firmware.

5. 4. After upgrading successfully. Delete your device from your account.

6. 5. Switch your WiFi to your previous home WiFi.

7. 6. Re-add the device to App via the home WiFi.

7. Once you change the WiFi, you’ll need to delete and re-add. Or the device can’t send data to the server successfully.


There is a lot of deleting the switch from the app and re adding going on, but it will work.  A key point to note is that when pairing with the T1 switch there are two possible modes that you can select.  The first, and correct mode will detect the device as a second generation device.  This is correct.  You enter this state by simply pressing and holding any button for 5 seconds and you will hear two short beeps.  That is all you need to do.


It is incorrect to again press and hold a switch until it beeps again.  The switch will be in pairing mode, but the device will register as a first generation device.  I was unable to upgrade any switch when it was connected in this mode initially.


I’m sorry to say but, if at first you do not succeed, try and try again. A bit rubbish to be honest, but possible.

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