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Firmware updating stops at 90%

I have problems updating, it always stops at 90% I already tried in all the recommended ways. Is there any problem on the servers?

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Il problema è che adesso non funziona più....

non entra nemmeno in programmazione....

El problema de upgrade estancado en 90% lo resolví siguiendo la recomendación de limpiar el caché de la app en mi celular.

Lo que hice fue:

1) Ir a información de eWelink

2) Seleccionar Limpiar Datos

3) Borrar Cache

4) Forzar detención de la aplicación.

Luego de iniciar eWelink, ingresé al dispositivo, configuración, actualizar fimware y el proceso finalizó correctamente.

Firmware update stalled at 90% was solved by cleaning app cache.

1) Go to eWelink app info

2) Storage,  Clear Data

3) Clear Cache

4) Force Stop.

After starting eWelink again, go to device settings and perform firware update.

The process successfully completed! :-)

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content filter is blocking it maybe; that is what stopped mine, until i turned off temporarily.

I moved mine to a different unit to control, and then it did the whole update... Very enjoying, but it did the trick.
Can't seem to update and have tried all solutions above, any advice?

I Had this issue on my iPhone. To fix it:-
I downloaded the app onto iPad, logged in and upgraded firmware.

Delete app from phone and reload and now showing as latest firmware on phone and iPad.

All working fine.

On iOS I just deleted the eWeLink app, re-installed, and then I was able to upgrade firmware and control devices that were previously unresponsive.
Finally solved the problem. My router have both kind of connections 2.4 and 5ghz, and I have another router that just have the 2.4ghz, that I use as acsess point. The solution was, remove the sonoff of my actual router and Conect them in the older router. I did this to sonoff basic and tx2. My sonoff mini updated without problems in the router with both connections. So I think that the problem for these sonoff is some kind of interference by 5ghz connection in the same router.
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