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SonOFF RF Bridge Scene should be triggered by CURTAIN-RemoteControll 433MHz

I have a couple of lamps, radio etc. (powersupply via SonOFF Basic, S20, S26 and SonOFF RF).

And I use a scene for "Entering the room"  (which executes POWER ON for some of these items)

and a second one for "Leaving the room" (this one shuts down all my devices).

Both actions are triggered by one 433MHz Wall-mounted Switch (ON/OFF). 

But to the bridge this switch pretends to be  an ALARM.

The problem is, that my Switch is a double-Switch: a left half with ON/OFF and a right half with ON/OFF.

And so the full bridge is occupied by this single Switch....   :-(

...because the Bridge only can manage up to four alarms.

Today a third SonOFF RF Bridge arrived and so I tried to define one side of my switch as an Curtain:

ON/OFF as usual, STOP ignored/unused.

But in this case I can't use it as a trigger to my scene any more.

Why isn't it possible to use Curtain-Buttons as a trigger in a scene???

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