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ITEAD/Sonoff will lose millions of $$$$ and market dominance

 You need to understand that money is king in China.

ITEAD COULD have been the manufacturer of WiFi IO for an entire hobby industry, and for automation systems all over the world that work where there is no internet, like boats, remote homes and businesses, etc.

Now another company other than ITEAD fill that market and ITEAD will lose millions of $$$$

All because they are not an open system.

You wonder who will lose their job at ITEAD when the bosses find out that they could have made millions more $$$$

I will sent this to the bosses at ITEAD via registered mail, so they will know.  Even if this comment is not approved.

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Never try and understand how the Chinese operate, they have zero vision and only try and copy as cheaply as possible Yes they could of create an open product but why? They could of have an open API but why? Software in China don’t make money! Selling hardware does so they concentrate on that as its easy to copy while writing elegant software is not in the Chinese vocabulary I agree they could sell 10x more hardware if they would spend only 4 months writing elegant code and actually utilising the full potential of not only the chilset but also solving problems and innovating but that will never happen in China, not in my lifetime and that is why few companies succeed outside of China

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