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Panelization rules ???

 I ordered 5x5cm PCB board which included two layouts.

I got a message that the gerber files were rejected. Reason is they want to make a V-cut between the boards and 5x5cm is too small for that...

I told there will be no V-cuts since I need the PCBs as a one unit of 5x5cm both layouts combined as they are in gerber files.

They said there are two boards in one 5x5cm area, and it needs to be panelized.

What?, why do they make a panel out of it which I never asked for?, neither I need V-cutting. If I need there would be a separate file about it.

They seem to not understand that the 5x5cm board is one single pcb even though there is 2 layouts in it.

Now they want me to upload new gerber files where is only one layout in it?? WTF? I dont need that, that would cut my design in half  and half of the 5x5cm area would be totally EMPTY ! Are they crazy in iTead ?

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