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sonoff app sdk?

hello is it possible to get the ewelink sonoff app sdk to customise it or do our own app

thanks to help

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I would like to build a webapp to controll our devicess, can i get an api or sdk to request currect state and turn on/off devicess,

Thenks to help

Hi Laczko, you can do it now using IFTTT + the Ewelink + webhooks applets.

This way you can have a REST api get called each time the Sonoff gets on/ off, or you can call a certain url to turn it on/off at will.

Of course will be much better if we can do that directly, but for the moment there is some sort of workaround to that need.


Mario - the IFTTT solution works if your phone is in the loop, I need the SDK/API to work without my phone being present.

Hi Jim, you do NOT need the phone in the loop  to make it work through web hooks. Other functionality like geolocation, of course because it uses your phone GPS to locate you.

Other alterntive could be to reflash the module with TASMMOTA and that way you would be able to control the device over HTTP requests or MQTT but will not be able to control the devices with EWELINK

Have not tested yet, but in theory if you connect EWELINK to google home, you can perhaps call google home APIs to get the Sonoff device react to those commands.


Hello can anyone make me a customise sonoff app with same functionality than eWeLink I can pay for the project Thanks
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