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One light switch multiple lights

Hi. I'm new here so I do apologise if the question been already asked. I would like connect 12 spotlights in my living room but I have got only one light switch with three cables ( L N G) nothing else. Obviously that cause a bit of a problem. How do I connect any of the sonoff devices to operate those lights independently let's say in groups of three. Any solution?

If your lights are all connected together leading to your existing switch then you cannot separate them unless you rewire the lights in groups of three... OR it may be more feasible to wire a Sonoff SV on each light so now you have full control of each light. You can then create scenes to control them in groups if you wish. If you put the Sonoff SV outside make sure it is in a water/moiture tight container and the WIFI signal can reach it. Also if you leave in a cold/hot area they may fail prematurely but at $5 it may very well be worth it.

I thing the proper name is one channel switch or one way.
Hi. Thx for reply. The rewiring option it's not the option in this case. Trouble is I need physical switches on the wall (kids). I know that there are some RF switches available but good lord they are ugly as hell. So is there any other option? Maybe putting the guts from RF switches into some other ones?
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