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Temp and RH logging

I noticed that this has been asked about before but i would like to raise it again. Is there any plans to release temperature and humidity logging like the power meter unit. Hint hint please please.

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I have this question as well. Even the lowly "Tuya Compatible" generic sensors keep a running log within Smart Life. Same with other brands, each individual ecosystem seems to do one thing well, in your case Sonoff's control modules seem to have the highest build quality, so I like them for for controlling my lighting. But everyone else provides temperature/humidity logs. I'm trying to keep track of environmental trends, so I have to use another Smart brands to control my HVAC based on trends. Can anyone suggest a solution? Right now I have Zigbee devices from Sonoff, Tuya, Xiaomi and Samsung - which seems a bit silly on my part, but each does one or two things well, but not all the things I need.
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