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How to factory reset Sonoff touch?

I changed my router and kept my SSID and password same but Sonoff touch (3 gang ) is not connecting to the new WiFi . I am not able to enter quick pairing mode no matter how many times I try to press and hold the left most button. How can I factory reset this device, so that I can start a fresh.

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Did you make sure you're only using 2.4Ghz and not using 5Ghz?
I've not seen a 'factory reset' for Sonoff devices, as I didn't think they needed one.
Does it fall back to AP mode on the second try in ewelink and find the Touch's access point?
Same here. SSID name is the same with a new wifi router. Some devices work, some others not. It would be nice to be able to perform a factory reset so there is really no problem...

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Ok, problem solved. Here is how: 1. change the password of your wifi. You might have to change it to your cellphone too 2. pair again the devices not working to the same SSID but with the different new password (likely you will have to use the AP method, not the quick one). 3. Make sure they work and then delete the devices from ewe app 4. Change back the password to the original in your router 5. Pair again the devices with the old password Silly, but it worked for me.
Yes, very Silly. I've also changed the router and start the issues, finally I've tried something similar, I only put a wrong password when add the device in AP compatible method, after I delete from eWlink app and add the device again but with right wifi password and now it's working again. Regards

i resume this post: is there a procedure for factory reset of a device?

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