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How do I open a T1 US?

I've bought roughly 20 T1's (US/AU version) to replace all switches in my house.  Love them.

All of the 2 and 3 gangs updated to fw version 2.0.1 which I can use SONOTA.

All of the 1 gang units will not update past 1.8.1, so I need to open these to get at the pins.  Therein lies the problem.

I've seen plenty of pictures/videos on how to open the Touch US, which seems to have a different catch system to the T1 US.

I REALLY don't want to break the glass on these things, so I'm asking is there a proper way to pop the T1 US/AU version open?  Pictures, video or links are greatly appreciated.

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OK, I took a chance and answered my own question.

For others that are hesitant about opening a T1 US/AU version, here are some photo's.

The short of it is just use a nice fine blade 'flat head' screwdriver tip and once placed in the slots (focus on one side) gently but firmly lever both slots on one side until it lets go.

Hope this helps someone else!






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