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Try to use a shared sonoff switch control in IFTTT is not recognized

 When I try to use a sonoff (T1 for example) shared switch created by other account in IFTTT, the control is not recognized in IFTTTT. Manually use of control switch works ok in ewelink, but, for example, trying to create an applet in IFTTT where I use google assistant to turn on/off a switch lamp control, in +then option, open ewelink configuration and there is not shared control to use, only controls created in my account.

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Same here! I can see the shared device on the eWeLink app but no on IFTTT... :-/
Could you kindly fix that ?


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Nop, I think it's a problem with the ewelink application, which does not show the controls shared to the ifttt application. Thank you.
Same problem, someone has news?

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Same problem for me. I was "googoling" for a solution, but I found only this topic.

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Yes a solution to this would be good, unable to use IFTTT to control devices when two phones with different accounts are using shared devices, eg only the main account can open the garage door with IFTTT.

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the underlying problem here is the Ewelink app does not send updates to IFTTT if a switch is turned on/off by anything other than the button or the ewelink app.

Please fix this issue.

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update - it     does work when using google home / amazon alexa but not an ewelink scene or from a ifttt trigger.

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Same problem; Mine worked fine until a few months ago, suddenly stopped working, ifttt now doesn't show the devices that were share. I already tried to disconnect and reconnect the ewelink service in ifttt and it didn't work, but they do work in google assistant and in the ewelink app

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Does anybody have found a solution, I have the same problem

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Same problem here. Using "new" versions of the eWe app and the Ifttt app of 2019 Oct 26. Does anyone from Sonoff read this thread? Would it be possible to fix this issue? A partly solution would be at least to turn the devices on or off, and not necessarily use them as triggers. But both features would be nice.
I solved by creating a webhook on IFTTT that controls my switch using the owner ewelink account, then I shared the webhook URL to other devices that can call the URL from any app (including Google Assistant or Siri).

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Wow! This is very good news, Giuseppe Zichittella!! :-) Do you think it is possible to do something similar for an ifttt novice like me? I don't know what a webhook is. But I guess it is some kind of ifttt-program that may be made available for many people. When you share the webhook url, will the people using it be able to see what's behind it, like the userID and password on the ewelink?

Hi Steinar, no it's not difficult at all. The people you share your URL with won't be able to see any password but they can see your unique IFTTT key (contained in the URL) that can be used to call any of your IFTTT webhooks. This means that you should keep your secret key in a quite safe place. For more guides google for "ifttt webhook ewelink"

Thank you for the reply!! How do you create the webhooks? Would you recommend a link where I can find the needed information? I didn't succeed at

I also wonder if webhooks may be used for multiple conditions? For instance: I want my garage light to be turned on if I am moving fast (driving the car) into an area (using Loc), but if moving slowly (walking) I want nothing to happen.

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