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1 Channel Inching /Self-lockIing Mode WiFi Switch 5V/12V not activating devices


I bought 4 of these 1 Channel Inching /Self-lockIing Mode WiFi Wireless Switches 5V/12V 

When the switch is on, the relay clicks but I am not getting 12V out of the outputs... see attached image. Anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong?

Anyone know what has happened to Itead support? I opened a ticket about this more than a month ago.



- have you ever seen a potential free relais that give any voltage out? ;-)

Had you take a look a the iTead defines what is what that you would have know it.

Here a pictures specially for you:


As an addition to trhe relais...

NC = normally close

NO = normally open

COM = central in or output

And here the typical drawing:


Hi Mike,

Thanks so much for this.. I can't believe how stupid I was. All working now!


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