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Sonoff 4CH PRO R2 with physical switch GPIO

Hi, I have have few sonoff 4ch pro r2 with me. I've seen some YouTube videos where sonoff can be used in sync with physical switches (when the physical switch is turned on, sonoff relay will also be turned on and vice versa). I heard that it is possible with tasmota. I've checked few threads here and I was not able to find a solution. Do we need to solder the relay wire to some of the GPIO pins for this or just flashing with tasmota will do the trick? Can anyone help me by providing an insight on how to do this? Thanks a lot in advance.

1st. Take a look at the tasmota issues


2nd. More info then you need here:


It works for the 4ch version too. It works on the Dual versionĀ 

and on the 4ch like a charm.

Ok you have to solder things togehter but that's the only way.

Read, read, read. That's all the help we can give you.

As an addition to your question:

- there is NO easy way to solve it because the hardware was never made for it.

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