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Need information about the Sonoff Hum

Hello iTead,

today i searched for the next parts on sonoff hardware.

Right now i have 235 units running and its amazing with

an other firmware. Named tasmota from github. All works

like charm.

And now i have found the Sonoff Hum on your website.

Here the link:

Amazing and 100% i need in my house. I think it will be

3 or 4 devices to get all in very good condition.


On ali express i found that Sonoff Hum and it looks totally

different then yours:

And funny enough i found a video on youtube:

So as i said it's totally different housing and i think it's a clone.

When we can get these units original from iTead?


Delivery time?

Please help us users, because we make you big ;-)...

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No anwser in 6 month?
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