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Garage door open/close using inching 5/12V switch

I want to use the sonoff 5/12V inching/self-locking switch to build my own garage dooe open/closing system.

-I don't want to flash it if possible as it already works with google home

-I want to preferably connect it to the wall push button if possible. if not, i'll connect it to the actual unit.

-I want to use this switch:

-What extra stuff is needed if i also want to check if the door is already open or closed?

Does anyone have the steps needed to accomplish this? obviously there'd be no programming needed for the switch. But what and how i should connect the existing system with the switch. I currently use a particular version of a liftmaster. It doesn't have any smart technology preinstalled ofcourse. There is a wall push button (and 2 more buttons to lock/unlock and switch the light on/off ) and a liftmaster remote.

To add, i'm considering i could use the sonoff Door sensor ( to check whether my garage door is open/closed. Then i can ignore the door open/close status. Am I right?

Hi, you can use that card right away, connecting the relay in paralel with your garage manual push  button and set the card to pulse mode. No need to change the firmware. Only extra component you c¡will need ia s power supply in case you can not take the power feed from your current garage controller.

The RF Sonoff Door Sensor will not help you knwo the status of the garage door. It only send an RF pulse in the moment the sensor goes from closed to opened. So it does not give a status of the door, just gives you an alarm when the door transitions from closed to opened.

Good luck with your project !

check out these products. specifically the garage door opener for $40 on Amazon

I don't have a need for these temporary relays yet but I'll come up with a reason to buy them  sooner than later!

I attach a diagram. Can anyone build this into Ewelink/Sonoff without flashing?


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Sonoff SV

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