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Sonoff pow R2 last power state

Hi, how do we control last power state on sonoff pow R2 ?

what is the default state when power is lost ?


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This option is required to measure continuously the power, of for example a freezer. When there is a power loss for a few seconds, the SonOff POW R2 must reapply the power otherwise all of the products in the freezer are lost.
It was before in the SonOff POW and in the standard SonOff. They are running very fine and I was really disappointed that I can not use the newer SonOff POW R2

Thanks a lot for implementing this feature.


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Is there any progress / solutions / work around in this "power state on" request /issue with the POW R2 devices

I was planning to buy 15 sonoff pow r2. I'm so happy i found this article before purchasing. Best solution is prevention that's why i did research first before buying. I've seen allot of reviews. There's a better and cheaper alternative for this. Go for Shelly 1! Pow R2 is technically expensive and useless when it comes to power on state and flexibility in firmware modification. I found that this has been a problem of pow R2 since firmware version 1. Its like 2.6.2 now and obviously Sonoff has no plans of adding this power on state feature in the future.


 This I found on Facebook

I prefer products with a power-on state, now missing in the SonOff POW R2
ITead Studio
ITead Studio We'll release a new version firmware with power-on state within this month, so the function will be supported when you updated the firmware.

So there is still some hope ????

For my freezer I found a solution : I soldered a wire on the relay contact. So I have always power on.


To make the SonOff measuring it must be on. So I added 8 timers, the maximum, to switch it each three hours on. 

As soon as the official modification arrives I'll take it out.



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