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AM2301 with TH16 Always shows 99% Humidity

Did I miss a step somewhere? I got a TH16 with an AM2301 so I can switch on my dehumidifier automatically when the humidity level is over 70% in the room, but the reading always says 99%... that being said, the smart switch does not power on the dehumidifier anyway. I can't seem to see anything regarding this problem. Any help is appreciated, thank you.


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Dear, How you did fix that problem? My sensor AM2301 allways shows 99,9% in my TH16

Hello, I do have this exact problem also... Any idea? (From the begginin. Tryed different things with no luck). Thanks
Humidity sensor is black and a little smaller then images I see in google, it's written am2301. vo.03...

My Sonoff AM2301 always reads a humidity of 99% - the temperature works is the AM2301 is new could it faulty or can it be fixed. My TH16 has firmware 2.60 th latest.

Sorry. Never found a fix for this. I just stopped using it.

Did you  open a ticket on the problem. If so did you get a responce. I opened a ticket on the problem & if anything comes out of it I will post it

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No, I had not... Didn'tfound how to... I thank You very much...
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