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Wall Switch controlling switch


Is it possible to make a T1 US to control another switch? I mean, On T1 on one wall and other switch in another place, controlling it by wifi or other way?


Yes, you can use a "scene" and set 4 rules, for example:

When switch 1 turn on, turn on switch 2

When switch 1 turns off , turn off switch 2

when switch 2 turns on, turn on switch 1

when switch 2 turns off, turn off switch 1

Then you connect a lamp to only one of them and you will have a combined light, being able to turn the lights on or off from either switch.

Good luck

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Thanks Mario I was searching for this solution.

I have another question.

In this scenario: 1 T1 US with 2 gang on wall 1, 1 T1 US with 2 gang on wall 2.

Is it possible to turn on switch 2 on second wall T1 when switch 1 on first wall T1 turns on... and so on with other cases?

Because this configuration works only when the network is on-line, which is the gap between the press of the first switch and the activation of the other switch?


Yes, it is possible to combine for example channel 1 (gang 1) of one US T1 module with channel 2 (gang 2) of the 2nd module, or any combination. Also combine 2, 3, 4 or unlimited number of modules if you have a room with multiple doors or a house with multiple floors. This, because when you program an scene you can tell with channel do you want to watch and what channel  of any other module to control.

Tha gap (delay or latency) for me, where I am really far from the server is something below 1 second. So it responds very well. I use the US server, and I am based in the very south of the continent in Argentina.


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Thanks for your usefull information! I'm studing devices behaviours before deciding to replace all my house switches with these!

One off-topic question: I want to put a couple of US T1 in my bedroom. Are the led lights of the channels too bright and can they disturb my sleep?

Thanks again!


Welll, yes they glow but as you can remove the glass faceplate, there are chances you can put something self adhesive behind to soften the lights if that turns out to be an issue for you,  Good luck with your project !

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