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EWE Link device not responding after the WIFI or the server is down

Hello Everybody,

Since I have deployed Sonoff in EWE Link firmware, the device is connected to the EWE Link cloud. Once the internet or Wi-fi is down or the server stops responding, the device stops responding I can't switch On or OFF my device via EWE link. I even have made a schedule for my device. Once the schedule starts running and the Wi-fi is down the schedule won't stop and if the power goes down and comes back during the schedule the schedule stop running and wont complete its allotted time and I can't even turn On or OFF my device which is highly annoying. Can anybody give me solution as how can I turn On and Off my device when the the device is not responding via the EWE link cloud. 

I cannot register devices, I have already registered quite a few, but since yesterday cannot get the new devices on-line.

I'm also having a promlem pairing a new Sonoff RF, using compatible pairing mode. I can connect to the device's WiFi, but during the pairing process the fast blinking led goes dark for a second or so, and then starts slow flashing. It looks like the device resets / restarts. I have more then 10 Sonoff devices that I paired the same way without a problem. I tried many times, both with iOS and Android eWelink, rechecked WiFi password, made sure I'm close the the network hub etc. I suspect a broken Sonoff, but if anyone has suggestions, they are very welcome because I really love the Sonoff products!

Use RF or the button on the Sonoff. Or enable LAN control if your wifi and LAN are up.

Ah, I fixed it, by changing my WiFi password to 12345678, pairing worked, upgraded firmware, changed WiFi password back, and now it does pair. I guess something was amiss with the WiFi password, maybe an extra space or something like that.

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