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Sonoff Device restart

Hello Everyone,

I have installed Tasmota 6.1.0 firmware in my ESP 8266 and sonff basic and dual. When the device is connected to the Wifi, it works fine. But when the wifi connection is down,  the chip starts looking for the wifi and the device restarts after every 3 mins. I have checked the  logs at it says:

WIF: Connecting to AP1 QT_Lab in mode 11N as sonoff-3994...

13:52:45 WIF: Connect failed as AP cannot be reached

13:52:46 WIF: Connecting to AP2 QT_Lab in mode 11N as sonoff-3994...

13:52:53 WIF: Connect failed as AP cannot be reached

13:52:53 WIF: Wifi Manager active for 3 minutes

13:52:53 HTP: Web server stopped

13:52:53 HTP: Web server active on sonoff-3994 with IP address

It restarts every 3 mins and my device gets flickered every time the Sonoff restarts. I want to deactivate my Wifi manager so that my device won't restart. I want that my device continuously search for the Wifi. Is there any setting in the firmware where I can activate or deactivate the Wifi manager? Or when I install the firmware I can change the settings. If anybody has the solution to my problem, kindly help. Any assistance will be very useful. 

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