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scene don't work!

From this morning scene don't work why?

4 people have this problem

I have the same problem. Since the app was updated. Timers also seem to not be working correctly.

Me too. Having the same problem.

Scenes don' t work for me... always I get the "scene prompt : failed " error... but I can turn ON or OFF each individual Sonoff RF normally. I hope Itead could help us with this.
All of sudden my scenes have become invisible. I am still unable to see the scroll bar and click on the places, where the name of the scene should be and see the scene content. I tried to reinstall the app, unlock out and log in again, and restart my smartphone as well, but nothing helps! Please help!!!
I am not able to add any new scene for any device from last one week. I have installed 15 devices at my Home. Earlier I had easily added them but now gives error "Operation failed, Please check network connectivity, While switches are working fine over the internet and LAN. Two of the already added scenes are working fine. I tried logging out, re installed the app but same error. Downloaded the app on another phone and logged in through my son's ID and tried adding a scene for different device and different internet providers, Its not working at all. I am from India. Please help.
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