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Th10 with basic and wall switch

I am new to the home automation so i am sorry if this question has been asked. What i am wanting to control is a window mounted swamp cooler that will pull around 4 to 5 amps. I want to use a basic to control the AC unit I want to use a th10 or th16 in a different room and set up it up so when the temp sensor gets above a set point then the AC will turn on, and when it gets below another set point it will turn the AC off. My understanding is i would set up a scene to have the th10 or th16 to activate the basic unit in this way. So questions 1, am i understanding this correctly. Question 2, can i add a Sonoff wall switch to manually control the basic unit, aka the switch would override the th10 or th16. Thanks for everyone time and response on this.

q1: you are correct, that arrangement can be set up that way (in fact I've done it nearly in exactly that way)

q2: the overriding feature is a bit harder to do. I understand it you want to manually switch the aircon on and off regardless of what the temperature sensor says. How would you in that scenario relinquish manual control back to the sensor I wonder? I guess you could set it up in a parallel way so that there are two paths of electricity to the aircon (one controlled manually by a switch, the other by the th10/16), a switch would toggle between them. When in 'switch mode' another switch could then turn it on and off. Does that make sense or am I getting confused?

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Heiko:  Thanks for your response.  I do understand what you are saying and I have been thinking of a way to wire something like that, but decided that is to much work for the easy of adding the switch.  the best way I thought of doing it would be use a switch with 2 points instead of one, then I can set one to turn on and off the side controlled by the TH10/16, then the second point would turn the AC on and off manually.  So there is a way I could get it to work thanks using your direction.  but at this time just a little to much for me to want to get into.

new related question, due to you have a sim setup.  the button on the TH10/16, that is just to manually activate the internal switch right?  

Thank you once again for your response and advise.

that is correct, the button acts as an on/off switch, it's inoperable though when you're in the 'automatic' mode (i.e. letting temperature/humidity decide when the switch goes on and off), so the sensor overrides it if in use.

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