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Problem with Scene

A slightly complicated issue.  Not sure if someone can help.

I have a Sonoff RF bridge which i am using to control the speed of my RF-enabled fan.  There are 3 modes set - low, medium and high.  To power the fan, I have a Sonoff T1 switch.  Essentially, to start the fan up, I have to turn on power to the fan via the T1 switch and then use the RF bridge to start / select the speed.  Its a two-step process.  So, my aim was to use the Scene feature to make this a one-step process.  

What I was trying to do - press the T1 switch and the scene will automatically trigger the RF Bridge to set the fan to medium speed.  

It works... BUT.... after a little while, there seems to be another signal sent (I can hear the fan's controller beep) and the fan seems to go to low speed.  I monitored this for awhile and note that the signal was sent from the RF Bridge.  This problem only occurs when using Scene.  If I decouple the T1 switch and the RF Bridge and use it as a two-step process, no issues with the fan speed.

To me, it seems like when the RF Bridge is used with Scene, it appears to be going back to its initial state / "switch 1" - which is low.  I tested my theory by changing the function of "switch 1" on the RF bridge and the theory holds.

I am not sure why this is happening and I've removed the Scene feature.  Not sure if anyone can help with this.

Thanks in advance!

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Good morning, you can use the sonoff rf switch used for control of the ceiling fan(IFAN03) this can be configured as your request i think. I have uses this for several projects, in the case of normal use, off/on and speed 1/2 inyour case this could be your sources. Regards, Gjb
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