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Dual R2 2nd channel fix to use external switch - PLEASE VOTE

The way the new Dual R2 comes, the 1st channel (labeled button0) on the board header works as expected allowing to connect an external switch.

But hte 2nd channel, labelled as "button1" does not work "out of the box", cause there is missing a pull up resistor.

My request is to add the additional resisitor so that it works without any further modification, or if possible to fix via software setting the corresponding GPIO to INPUT_PULLUP

If you agree with this, cause you will end needing this feature sooner or later, please vote NOW !!!


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notei isso nos meus! Corrigi o problema colocando um resistor pull up!

Como assim Juliano? Pode me ajudar? To com esse problema!
1 Resistir de 10k do vvc para para cada canal (com 0 e com1)
Oba, valeu! Vou tentar aqui muito obrigado
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Hi guys, the 10K resistor is ONLY needed for Button1. Button0 already comes with an SMD resistor.

Coloquei pois estava falhado tambem! medi com voltimetro e a voltagem demorava subir após um toque


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