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App overhaul

I think Sonoff need an app overhaul. Having played with competitor products, the app seems to be the weak link and is holding Sonoff from being a real practical solution : * The first thing is a timer. After a trigger or scene, there needs to be a timer for a little to (for example) turn off. Ie walk to bathroom ; PIR switches on light for x minutes before switching off. * Related to the first, how about timers in which triggers can only be as activated. Using the example above, the light will only switch the IF the time is between 19.00 - 06.00. These two small additions on time will make a huge difference. * Tabs and the top of the app to group all switches, plugs, POWs etc. I have 10+ Sonoff devices and 3 of those are plugs which I don't need to see (they only measure power). I should have the option to hide these or have them on another tab * Custom icons - it just looks so slick! Desklamp, side lamp, ceiling other etc. TP Link KASA, for example, allows custom icons

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These two small condition, will add massive amounts of extra functionality. 

Plus, you have countdown functionality already available - I can't see it being too difficult ? 


Regarding 'Scenes' - Just remember that you CAN'T actually create any scenes if the switches/devices are shared to the account you are using. They only work on the account to which the devices have originally paired with. I have at least 3 devices using the ewelink app. Each has to have its own account and the devices have to be shared to the two devices from the master account. the two devices with access to the shared switches can not create scenes.

Not really feasible for a household with more than one person using sonoffs.

Totally agree with needed overhaul.

Another one regarding custom icons would be also to be able to make the buttons/icons smaller so you can have more than just 5 directly available on the screen. Give me the option to arrange the switches in a grid instead of a list. No need to go all the way across the screen per button or have the buttons slimmer.

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