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Sonoff POW R2 needs Power on State

I have a bunch of old v1 POWs and they all have the Power on State. I recently bought a bunch of POW R2s and have updated thier firmware, it does not have power on state! I had plans to put the POW on my freezer, fridge and ACs. The devices must auto start after a power outage so I do not have to do it myself everytime. The worst case would be after a power outage I am not at home and everything melts away because Sonoff didn't bother to add Power on State on their next gen POW. We need Power on State on POW R2!

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I want this feauture too. Please add it in next firmware

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Firmware 2.6.0 came out and still without this feature!

I have a same problem too. If this continues i will stop using pow r2

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I also want this option. Does anyone know if third party firmware could accomplish this?
If this is possible, is the software still compatible with eWelink?

Henric from Sweden Yes you can install tasmota. But eweling app will no longer work.

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@Shahnewaj Muhammad Shakil 
Thank you for your answer and your time!

Hello friends, I have purchased sonoff pow R2 and use it for energy monitoring, so far its working is good, but i need to know is there any solution for monitoring 3 phase appliances?? Can anyone help me in this ??

I' m at the end of a power line. Normally it works fine but some days there are several times short power losses.I use a standard POW to measure the fridge and that works very fine. I bought some POW  R2 to connect also the freezer, but without the power on state setting they are useless.


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I am thinking of buying standard POW for measuring freezer power usage as well. Is measuring on standard POW much different than on R2? I mean current statistics and table. Can You post screenshot from standard POW? I want to see difference.

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Exactly what is happening here too

 Here is an image of the standard SonOff POW.

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Feature loss in the new product :(

This option is required to measure continuously the power, of for example a freezer. When there is a power loss for a few seconds, the SonOff POW R2 must reapply the power otherwise all of the products in the freezer are lost.
It was before in the SonOff POW and in the standard SonOff. They are running very fine and I was really disappointed that I can not use the newer SonOff POW R2

Thanks a lot for implementing this feature.


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for those that are using it on a freezer/fridge, I have a little idea. 

Just go to the settings and add a lot of schedules...
 mo-fri 09.00, power on

 mo-fri 11.00, power on

 mo-fri 13.00, power on

Worst case scenario, your freezer is out for 1 hour and 59 minutes ;) (and that should not be a problem)

I really hope that Itead is taking this seriously :(

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