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Sonoff POW R2 needs Power on State

I have a bunch of old v1 POWs and they all have the Power on State. I recently bought a bunch of POW R2s and have updated thier firmware, it does not have power on state! I had plans to put the POW on my freezer, fridge and ACs. The devices must auto start after a power outage so I do not have to do it myself everytime. The worst case would be after a power outage I am not at home and everything melts away because Sonoff didn't bother to add Power on State on their next gen POW. We need Power on State on POW R2!

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 thanks  wimb for u solution, but  if you set the relay always close. The security options (over consumption, over voltage) and timers do not help us at all. since, they can not cut the output voltage at any time.

some time ago I opened a ticket for this topic,
This past week they replied saying: ".. We will launch a new firmware for POW R2 within this month with this option"
all this was just before the release of firmware version 2.7.0 and this version still does not bring any solution to our problem.

I'm waiting for the solution to come out at once.

For my freezer I found a solution : I soldered a wire on the relay contact. So I have always power on.


To make the SonOff measuring it must be on. So I added 8 timers, the maximum, to switch it each three hours on. 

As soon as the official modification arrives I'll take it out.


Also updated Ewelink to 3.5.4 but still no power on state for the POW R2. The unit is still unusable for me. I go to look for some other solutions.


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Standard POW can only show energy used in kWh or it has option like R2 to set price per kWh and show total cost per day/month?

Same here... waiting for update for POW R2,  the Power on State must have this modul!!


Hardware and share control operation notification must have this modul too :(

because these modules are not usable after the failure does not turn on any device.  :(

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 any news about new firmware?

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Really great improvement with V 2.6.1 ... Made my POW R2 worse

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I need Power on state feature on POW R2 also. Thank you very much for implementing it in the future

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It is incredible that this function that is so basic and important is not added in firmware 2.6.1.

another thing, where can you know what is the improvements of the updates? the typical chages.log

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Really? Still not available in 2.6.1??? When will this function be added!!?

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 This is frustrating, I updated today in the hope that this big mistake will be corrected, but nothing has changed, it has been half a year since I was expecting it. I have 3 Sonoff picking up dust, and one that works badly, every time the power grid fails for a few seconds I have to turn on the Sonoff Pow R2.

I want to have control of my own hardware. I want to be able to use everything without a company having servers waiting for me to press a button AND I want power on state as well :)

Now I installed Tasmota on one of my Pow R2. Works great AND Power on state works as well.
I will flash all of them this weekend :) 

Another Bug with Sonoff Pow R2, you can make scenarios based on Voltage or Amper sensors! The only scenario you can use is the power state.

I hope ITEAD will take this issue also in the next firmware version!

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Please implement this feature!! it is very necessary!!!

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I recently bought my first R2 and am really disappointed that it does not have the "keep previous power state" feature. I think it is a non-brainer for any energy monitoring device such as the R2.

Sonoff, get your act together!!


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