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Bricked Device. Melted PCB & photos

After months of no help from tech support I opened a broken device (th16) that was completely dead. To my surprise it was not the high voltage/current parts that had burnt out, but the bridge rectifier and something connected to the Vin of the voltage regulator. I only have one device with this PCB. Anyone know what the killed component with the “?” was before it was melted? The Itead wiki is dead and I can’t find a PCB schematic. I thought it might be just a burnt out relay that I could repair, but this looks fatal. Still interested to know how this happened. It is weird. Thanks!

Time to get a new Timex.

aaaaah. Stupid itead software has cropped the images. Until I figure out how to change the picture: there is evidence of PCB melting near three of the four pins of the bridge rectifier and there is one component burnt out - it is connected to Vin on the voltage regulator in parallel to a capacitor.
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