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'Session expires, please login again'

Are any of you guys have the same issue with randomly 'expired sessions'?

My set up runs very well. Four basic switches for outdoor lights and three S26 for indoors. Really happy with it.


The constantly and random log-out of the ewelink account starting to really annoy the heck out of me.


I have an old iPhone at a central location in the house. It's used to stream music throughout the house and now since two days also to control the lights. 

No changes to the network, no internet disconnects, not WIFI drops, yet pretty much every time i want to turn on or off a light, i have to log back into the ewelink account. It drives me nuts.

Even with the phone's screen set to never lock and the app running ontop, it eventually expires the session.

I see posts with the same issue from a year ago. Where are the support people?! 

Anyone here that cares?


I notice that if I log in with a 2nd device the first device gets logged out.  Apparently only one device can be logged into the account at a time.  Is it possible that you are logging into the ewelink account with a second iphone and causing the old iphone to get logged off?

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Hi E W,

Thank you for responding. Much appreciated!

Last night i received also response from a support person and it is as you write.

Only one device per account... which to me defeats the purpose of a home automation service. It's not just me living in this house, but my family. At least three iOS devices are supposed to be using the sonoffs.

Now the work-around suggested is to create an ewelink account for each device AND share the devices from the original account with those.

Great, i did that. Created three accounts, went into the original account and shared all my 8 sonoff. It takes ages. For one, you have to go into each sonoff, hit share and then share it with the other accounts. One by one... takes some time.

Yes, the benefit is that this actually works. Once each device is logged into its own account and received the shared devices, each smart phone does indeed stay signed in. Which is great! Thank you, love it.

But... the shared devices, even with all permissions enabled, can not be used to create sceneries. That means, my wife for example, coming home from work when it's dark can't set up a scenery that enables her to switch on the path-light, the front lights of the house and the entrance with one hit.

I know, first-world problems, right. I just think that the ewelink app has not been thought through. Or, if there are feature requests being submitted, have someone actually think about to implement them... OR leave the option open to TASMOTA Flash the devices so we as the users can get the most out of these great devices by having an alternative app controlling the switches.

Anyway, Cheers,


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As we would say in Alabama, the app ain't perfect that's fer sure.  If the Chinese would train some people to write code and manuals they could take over the world much faster.

I have the same problem. As a new user, how often do the address bugs / add new features?

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Yes, it is really annoying. The ewe link app keeps logging me out saying that session expired. I wish they would solve this issue. Its SUPER ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi yeahhh

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