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Fingerprint authentication & disable logout & keep Settings after logged out

Hi There,

After using the ewelink app with 3x S26 and 4x basic switches to control lights around the house since yesterday, I quickly came across several issues that I find not well thought through.

Option to Disable Logout:

The iOS app keeps logging me out at random times. 

I have an old iPhone set up (hanging on the wall in the centre of the house) to control outdoor lights around the house and a couple of S26 switches for indoor lamps.

Pretty much every time when I want to turn lights on or off, I have to log in to the app because it decided to discontinue the previous session. That is very annoying for a device that is explicitly used for ewelink.

Please add a feature in the settings to stay logged in.

Fingerprint Authentication:

Following from the above, simply add the option to use the fingerprint authentication to re-login to the ewelink app. Constantly having to enter the password is completely against the purpose of this app when it's solely used for switching on and off lights at home.

Please add the option to use Fingerprint authentication.

App Settings 'Vibration Switch' resets after log-out:

In connection with the constant log-outs, I find it rather annoying that the Vibration-Switch setting is reset every-time I log back in. What is the point of this if I can't make the setting stick. 

Please make the app store the set settings irrelevant of the log-in status.

Thank you.


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