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Can Sonoff PIR2 Trigger Lights ONLY AT NIGHT & NOT in DAY



I have a Sonoff PIR2 Alarm & Sonoff basic Connected Lights




I want to have a Scene that will Switch ON the Sonoff Connected Hallway lights when motion is detected.




But the above scene should be triggered only During NIGHT time & Not in DAY?




Is it possible to have this scene either by Ewelink APP or IFTTT




Please help

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I also need something similar. That the ewelink app notifies me when the PIR2 detects a movement only from Monday to Friday between 09:00 am and 18:00 pm. Any help I would appreciate it. Greetings.

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Any update on this matter?
Ewelink has to set the time when the scene is running. For example, by sunset, sunrise.

Nice requirement. It´s mandatory for such equipment. Even "dumb" motion sensors like this will start by light sensor;

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I use sonoff mini with PIR to turn on light when someone move to save power consumption but without the ability of second condition for night only I don't save any power as it will keep switching on lights during daylight..

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Thanks  fr this. But firstly, please see it......

may be this will helpful to you.

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