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Can Sonoff PIR2 Trigger Lights ONLY AT NIGHT & NOT in DAy



I have a Sonoff PIR2 Alarm & Sonoff basic Connected Lights



I want to have a Scene that will Switch ON the Sonoff Connected Hallway lights when motion is detected.

But the above scene should be triggered only During NIGHT time & Not in DAY?




Is it possible to have this scene either by Ewelink APP or IFTTT




Please help

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Unfortunately, IFTTT can only do IF THEN and not IF AND THEN

I have tried to use Stringify but IFTTT cannot see the Bridge only switches, so the only way it will work is for the ~Bridge to turn on the light, then IFTTT gets called from eWelink and passes to Stringify, this can do multiple ANDs. Then when completed either immediately or after a set time, passes back to IFTTT to turn the light off.

It works but the issues are, 1.the light always goes on when triggered. 2. if the PIR is triggered again it gets mixed up.

I have not actually used the PIR for anything useful successfully.  

I have a same problem- if someone walks in to your property during the day time it will pickup by the outdoor PIR and then with the help of ewelink app it will trigger the power socket switch which is connected to the 12V siren and flash light.  but i don't need this to happen Day time but in the night only or when i arm the system. . 


Cinnect 2 sonoff basics in series and use for time of day and the other for the sensor..
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