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Sonoff POW History Charting (electricity record) Bug

I recently got a few POW devices and I had been trying to figure out how the charts worked in Sonoff POW history page. Overview; 1. Phone: OnePlus 5 2. Timezone Set on phone: GMT +5 3. Timezone I am living in: GMT +5 4. Sonoff POW R1 with firmware version 2.0.4 Bug: Sonoff is recording all usage data based on GMT -1. This means that the Sonoff 24 hour data recording cycle starts at GMT -1 and not with the users timezone. 1. On my date 24th at 12:00AM(GMT +5) Sonoff moves the usage data from Date 23rd to 24th, from 22nd to 23rd and so on. 2. When I veiw histroy at Date 24th at 12:00AM (GMT +5) it shows me all the usage from date 23rd as done on date 24th. 3. At date 24th at 6:00AM (GMT +5) sonoff fixes the charts and moves the data back to date 23rd and starts recording for date 24th. This needs to be fixed, I get that having a fixed timezone helps, but atleast do not confuse users by changing dates on the app like that, keep the graph on the app at the same gmt -1 so qccurate data is shown during the 1-24 hours of users in different time zones.
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