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Questions on Sonoff POW

I recently bought Sonoff POW and have questions that I can not find anywhere answered.

1. What timezone does Sonoff POW use to chart usage data? How do I find which one mine is using?

2. Why do my POW keeps going offline every few hours? I have to restart them  manually by cutting power to them, which is inconvenient and stupid.

3. What happens to usage logs when POW is offline, does it still keep updating the logs locally? If yes, how long of data will Sonoff store locally before needs to dump old data for new?

4. Is there a web access to eWELINK, which we can use on our computer?

And why does this form still not use HTTPS? Does this tell us of how committed ITEAD is to security when they can't even buy a $100 worth of SSL for their site.

I think the data is stored locally, but am not 100% certain. There is no web access with standard firmware. I have read of success though with creating a simulated phone in programming software and using that. I have no problem with mine going offline every few hours and one of mine is quite visible, so I think I would notice the flashing light. I’d suggest contacting tech support, but in my experience they have never said anything useful and will just get you to waste hours on pointless things before disappearing.
Thank you EB for you reply. Here are my own findings so far. 1. Data is stored locally and updared to the server, I see Mbs being uploaded in days on my router sniffing page. 2. The reason I think mine go offline is because I use three internet connections combined into one. I will do a vlan to a seprate SSID with a single internet to see if that fixes it. 3. All POW data is stored/created on GMT -1. This is the time when the POW starts a new day. The app shows the wrong data on the new day until reaching GMT -1. Example: my usage of 26th is moved to 27th, 25th to 26th and so on when clock hits 12:00AM GMT + 5 , my time. At 6AM GMT+5 the charts gets corrected 27th shows current day data as it started right now.
I change the name of my SSID when it is extended. I haven’t tried without, but I can imagine it would confuse them if I didn’t. The other thing is my router does 2.4 and 5 GHz and the devices only do 2.4 GHz. I’ve changed the name of the two (it was a setting hidden by being put in a silly place). I would not be that surprised if they tried and failed to connect to the 5GHz network sometimes. Would need to look up the chip specs.
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