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GSM switch issue

HI Iam trying to set up a GSM smart switch here in Australia with a Telstra 3-4G sim and it is not getting any signal light on the switch but teh sim works fine in a phone.

Any ideas on why i have tried 2 sims and still the same.

Well Brian , please make sure that You are in 2G network , this Sonoff G1 only works in 2G Gsm network .

Hi Do you have a 3g or 4g model coming out as no 2g in australia

Frequencies in Australia

3g -850mhz

 4G -- B1, B3, B7, B8, B28

Till today Sonoff has never producing the 3G or 4G model for Gsm model , so your Sonoff G1 is useless there in Aussie , imho why not buy the wifi models which are more popular nowaday and also buy a 4G simcard router (eg.Huawei B310s , B315s) if we got no wifi in the area , with just a wifi router we can even share several Sonoff devices usage not just one device ... eg. We can control AC , Tv set , water pump etc
Brian , btw , be aware if you buy the 4G sim card router online , please match the network freq. specification of the router don't get wrong or somehow useless device happening again

Yes i am looking at that now thanks.

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